Spirits of Anglerwood Forest


Protect yourself from the spirits of the forest in this mystery adventure!
Mike Braverman
May 8, 2020
4.1 and up
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Protect yourself from the spirits of the forest in this mystery adventure!

The night after your father teaches you a strange ritual, you wake up to find both your parents gone.

Play as Edgar Fenn, a simple farm boy, and embark on a quest through the woods to find your parents. Every night you must protect yourself by lighting the lanterns found throughout the forest. However, spirits lurk in the trees, and you seem to be the only one in town that can see them.

By day, you survey the area and talk to residents. Once the sun sets, it’s time to protect yourself from the spirits so you can make it through the night.

As you journey deeper into the forest, you will learn more about the area where you grew up, meet new people, and uncover a mystery about your family.

– Uncover the mystery across 12 chapters.
– Tense and strategic gameplay: perform the ritual each night and avoid the forest spirits.
– Atmospheric autumnal setting inspired by early 20th century North America.
– Day/Night: Survey the area and talk to residents during the day, protect yourself when the sun sets.
– Explore the different locations throughout Anglerwood Forest!

Headphones recommended.

What's new

- TABLET SUPPORT: For accessibility and comfort, tablets are now supported. The aspect ratio will be locked at 16:9 on tablets.
- Cloud Sync option: If enabled, progress will be saved across devices.
- Saving between days: Progress is now saved after each night, rather than each chapter

- Added Options menu on the title screen
- Changed "Delete Data" button to "Reset Game"
- Added option to toggle cloud saving

Bug Fixes:
- Lantern UI bug in Chapter 1
- Layering bugs in Chapter 1




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