What will be the capabilities of Twitter’s monetary version?

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To make more money from this social network, Twitter plans to supply its shared version. Now the company has laid out some of the capabilities of Twitter’s monetary version to the poll. But what are these applications?

Since the beginning of last month, Twitter has noted that it is providing a monetary version for its social network so it can make more money. Although Twitter itself has no hope of making money through this, in 2020, we now see twitter poll presentation from its users about the capabilities that will be offered in the future in the monetary version. We intend to briefly talk about these features and introduce them to you.

What are the features of Twitter’s monetary version?

Undo Send

Twitter users have been asking for the possibility of editing tweets for a long time, but this feature has not yet been available. Now, however, in twitter’s monetary version, we’re witnessing the addition of Undo Send capability. Through this feature, a window will be displayed for 30 seconds after you send a tweet that lets you cancel. This feature is not what users demanded, but it is a good alternative to the edit button.

Release longer videos

In this version of Twitter users can share videos that are 5 times longer than what Twitter’s current restrictions have placed on users. Meanwhile, these videos can have a very high resolution (8192 at 8,192 pixels).


Any User of twitter’s monetary version can have one or more becs in their profile that links to the business that owns or works in.

Automatic Response

In the Twitter monetary version, you can prepare a list of responses that you use in automatic response stoics to users. For example, through this feature, you can automatically direct users to your brand home page or website.

Social Listening

This allows you to find out what’s on Twitter about your brand and account. For example, you will find out how much the volume of these conversations is, which businessor people talk about you and what exactly the topic of conversation is. This feature is not very important for ordinary users, but for brands, it will undoubtedly be attractive.

Brand Poll

In the Twitter monetary version, it will be possible to poll about the ads that appear. For example, ask if the display of this ad encouraged you to buy the product and…

Although these capabilities appear to be going to be added in the Twitter subscription version, according to Twitter itself, everything is in the early stage snow and there’s still a lot of time left to offer the subscription version. At this point, Twitter is looking to get feedback from users so that it can best work the shared version.

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